Wednesday, October 13, 2010


5 stars=Excellent/Outstanding

4 stars= Really Good

3 stars= Worth considering

2 stars=Kinda Sucks

1 star=Stinks To High Heaven (take out the garbage!)


Films listed alphabetically--*asterisk beside title indicates full movie review exists in the archives of Timmy's Noodle. Click on the title to see the review.


A Man And A Woman (French/romance)
And Now Ladies And Gentlemen (French/romance)
And Now My Love (French/romance)
Babel (drama)
Beyond Rangoon (political drama)
The April Fools (comedy)
*The Artist (Comedy/drama)
*Carnage (dark comedy)
Chinatown (classic/mystery)
*Circumstance (Drama)
*Crazy, Stupid, Love (romantic comedy)
Duck, You Sucker! (classic/spaghetti western)
The Fighter (drama)
The French Lieutenant's Woman (romantic drama)
Garden State (comedy)
The Graduate (classic/drama)
Groundhog Day (comedy)
Havana (drama)
Heaven Can Wait (classic/comedy)
*Horrible Bosses (dark comedy)
Last Tango In Paris (drama)
Live For Life (French/romantic drama)
Love Me If You Dare (French/drama)
Lost In Translation (drama)
Love Actually (romantic comedy)
Love Affair-- 1994 version (romance)
Lust, Caution (Chinese/drama)
The Magus (classic/mystery)
Margaret (drama)
Midnight Cowboy (classic/drama)
One Eyed Jacks (classic/western)
The Shining (horror)
*Submarine (dark comedy)
Swept Away--original 1974 version (Italian/romance)
Three Days Of The Condor (espionage)
*Young Adult (Dark comedy/drama)
*Zombieland (horror/dark comedy)

The Accidental Tourist (drama)
All The Real Girls (drama)
*Amelia (drama)
*The American (thriller)
American Pie (coming of age comedy)
Angel-A (French/drama)
Arthur (comedy)
A Serious Man (comedy)
Big (comedy)
*Beyond Rangoon (Action/adventure)
Black Book (Dutch/drama)
*Black Swan (psychological/erotic thriller)
*Blue Valentine (drama)
Body Heat (thriller)
The Bridge (documentary)
Bridget Jones Diary (romantic comedy)
Buffalo '66 (dark comedy)
*Broken Embraces (Spanish/drama)
The Cabin In The Woods (horror)
*Capitalism, A Love Story (documentary)
Carnal Knowledge (classic/drama)
*Cedar Rapids (comedy)
Cinema Paradiso (Italian/drama)
A Clockwork Orange (classic/indescribable!)
Closer (romantic drama)
*Cowboys & Aliens (western/action-adventure/sci-fi)
Crash (drama)
*Crazy Heart (drama)
The Crook (French/thriller)
*District 9 (sci-fi-fantasy)
Duel (classic/mystery)
*Earth (documentary)
Enemy Of The State (thriller)
The Exorcist (horror)
The Family Stone (comedy)
5o First Dates (romantic comedy)
Food, Inc. (documentary)
Five Easy Pieces (classic/drama)
Foul Play (comedy)
*Friends With Kids (romantic drama)
*Funny People (comedy)
*Gigantic (comedy)
*The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish/thriller)
God Bless America (Dark Comedy)
*Going The Distance (romantic comedy)
The Heartbreak Kid--original version (comedy)
*I Am (documentary)
*I Am Love (drama)
I Am Number Four (sci-fi/action/drama)
*The Ides of March (drama)
Klute (classic/drama)
*Kick-Ass (action/dark comedy)
*Knowing (action/adventure)
The Last Picture Show (classic/drama)
Laura (classic/mystery)
Les Uns Et Les Autres (French/drama)
Like Stars On Earth (India/musical)
*The Lincoln Lawyer (drama/mystery-thriller)
*Midnight In Paris (romantic comedy)
The Mirror Has Two Faces (drama)
Moonstruck (romance)
My Dinner With Andre (drama)
My Name Is Nobody (spaghetti western)
*The Notebook (romance)
Notting Hill (romantic comedy)
North By Northwest (classic/thriller)
Once (indie/musical)
The Painted Veil (drama)
Paris (French/drama)
Paris Je T'Aime (French/romance)
Paris, Texas (drama)
*Passengers (drama)
Phenomenon (drama)
*Pirate Radio (comedy)
Play Misty For Me (thriller)
*Precious (drama)
*The Proposal (romantic comedy)
Rebbeca (classic/thriller)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jo Di (India/romance)
*The Reader (drama)
Reign Over Me (drama)
Starman (Sci-fi/fantasy)
The Secret In Their Eyes (Spanish/drama)
Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (drama/dark comedy)
Serendipity (romantic comedy)
Shortbus (drama)
*Shutter Island (thriller)
Sidewalls (romantic drama)
Sideways (comedy)
*Synedoche, New York (dark comedy)
*Take Shelter (drama)
Taking Woodstock (HIPPIES!)
10 (romantic comedy)
*Tetro (drama)
*The Tourist (romantic thriller)
*Terminator Salvation (sci-fi/action adventure)
*Transformers 2-Revenge Of The Fallen (sci-fi/action adventure)
*Transsiberian (thriller)
The Truth About Cats And Dogs (comedy)
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being (drama)
*Up In The Air (drama)
V For Vendetta (sci-fi/fantasy)
Walkabout (classic/drama)
Waltz With Bashir (documentary)
Whatever Works (comedy)
*The Wrestler (drama)


*A Perfect Getaway (thriller)
A Single Man (drama)
A Life Less Ordinary (comedy)
About A Boy (comedy)
Across The Hall (thriller)
*Adventureland (coming of age drama)
Altered States (sci-fi)
*All About Steve (romantic comedy)
American Beauty (drama)
American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love (comedy)
*American Reunion
An Education (drama)
An Examined Life (documentary)
*Angels and Demons (thriller)
As Good As It Gets (comedy)
Away We Go (comedy)
Annie Hall (comedy)
Before Sunrise (romance)
The Badge (crime thriller)
The Beguiled (classic/drama)
The Big Chill (classic/drama)
Being John Malkovich (comedy)
Big Daddy (comedy)
Bread And Tulips (Italian/romantic comedy)
*Breezy (romantic drama)
Blue Velvet (mystery)
Boys Don't Cry (drama)
*Bridesmaids (comedy)
Big Miracle (drama)
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (romantic comedy)
Broken Flowers (indie/drama)
Bullitt (classic/action)
The Burning Plain (drama)
The Brown Bunny (indie/art house)
Butterflies Are Free (classic/romance)
*Chloe (thriller)
Cop Out (action comedy)
The Cry Of The Owl (thriller)
The Cutting Edge (drama)
*Date Night (comedy)
The Day Of The Jackal (classic/thriller)
Don't Look Down (Spanish/romance)
The Dreamers (drama)
Duplicity (thriller)
Easier With Practice (indie/ drama)
Edge Of Darkness (thriller)
*Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (drama)
Fargo (drama)
Feast Of Love (drama)
*Forgetting Sarah Marshall (romantic comedy)
*Frozen River (drama)
*Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (romantic comedy)
*Gone (thriller)
The Good Life (indie/drama)
Good Night And Good Luck (drama)
Greenberg (drama)
Hannah And Her Sisters (comedy)
Happy Accidents (comedy)
Hitch (romance)
*I Love You, Man (comedy)
In The Cut (thriller/Meg Ryan nekkid!)
*Inception (sci-fi/thriller)
*In Time
Kids (drama)
La Bonne Annee (French/comedy)
The Lake House (romance)
Lake Tahoe (Spanish/drama)
The Last Days Of Disco (indie/drama)
The Last House On The Left--updated version (horror)
The Last King Of Scotland (drama)
Leap Year (comedy)
Les Miserables (French/drama)
The Limits Of Control (thriller)
Manhattan (comedy)
*Margot At The Wedding (Indie/dark comedy)
Match Point (drama)
*Melancholia (sci-fi/fantasy)
Meet The Fockers (comedy)
Moon (sci-fi thriller)
The Mystery Of Pittsburgh (drama)
Marathon Man (classic/thriller)
*My Life In Ruins (comedy)
The Myth Of The American Sleepover(drama)
New York, I Love You (drama)
The Night Porter (drama)
Nothing Like The Holidays (comedy)
Once Upon A Time In Rio (Spanish/drama)
Ondine (fantasy/drama)
Out Of Africa(classic/drama)
*Peacock (drama)
*Powder Blue (drama)
The Prince Of Tides (drama)
*Revolutionary Road (drama)ad
*The Rum Diary (action-adventure/comedy)
*17 Again (comedy)
*Sex And The City--The Movie (comedy)
Shrink (indie/drama)
The Sixth Sense (thriller)
Sin Nombre (Spanish/drama)
Solitary Man (drama)
*Splice (sci-fi/thrilleer)
*Spread (comedy)
Stealing Beauty (romantic comedy)
*Surrogates (sci-fi/fantasy)
Swimming Pool (British/thriller)
Table For Three (comedy)
*The Town(action/thriller)
Taxi Driver (drama)
The Trouble With Romance (indie/comedy)
Two For The Road (classic/romance)
Vanilla Sky (thriller)
Westworld (classic/thriller)
What Happens In Vegas (comedy)
What Women Want (romantic comedy)
The Women (comedy)
*Yes Man (romantic comedy)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (Spanish/drama)


Abduction (action-adventure)
The Answer Man (comedy)
Bizarre (horror)
Claire's Knee (French/arthouse)
Elegy (drama)
Frontier Of Dawn (French/romance)
Into Temptation(drama)
I Know Who Killed Me (thriller)
*Gran Torino (drama)
*Harry Brown (thriller)
*The Hunger Games (action/adventure)
*Knight And Day (Action/adventure)
Leaving Barstow (drama)
*Legion (thriller)
Mama Mia! (musical)
Medicine For Melancholy (drama)
The Merry Gentleman (drama)
Miss Congeniality (comedy)
Mulholland Drive (drama)
*New Years Eve (romantic comedy)
Night Train (thriller)
Pandorum (sci-fi/fantasy)
The Passion Of The Christ (drama)
*Seven Pounds (drama)
Shuttle (thriller)
Sister Act (comedy)
*Star Trek (sci-fi/fantasy)
Sweet Home Alabama (comedy)
Twister (action/adventure)
*2012 (action/adventure)
*The Ugly Truth (romantic comedy)
Water Lilies (French/romance)
*Wendy And Lucy (drama)
*Whiteout (thriller)
The Wicker Tree (horror)

1 Star

Coyote Ugly (drama/the title speaks for itself)
The Killer Inside Me (drama/the stupidest ending ever committed to film)
Mondo Cane (ritual animal slaughter/ the worst movie I've ever seen)
Lying (drama/this sucks, no lie)
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous (comedy/everybody involved mailed it in)
Solaris (sci-fi/fantasy/ just lousy in a general way)
Touched (drama/can't remember anything else about it, luckily)
*When In Rome (romantic comedy/silly, unoriginal, not funny)
The Weather Underground (jumbled, incoherent mess)
*Salt (action/thriller/ ridiculous, superhuman stunts "performed" by Angelina Jolie that could only be done by Superman on a good day)