Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey list is appearing a little later than many others, because I wanted to make sure I had seen most of the promising films that were released right near the end of the year. In putting this list of the top eleven films of 2011 together, my main criteria were twofold:

1.COULD I RELATE TO IT ON A HUMAN LEVEL?  (Meaning it had more substance than just great special effects and all kinds of crap getting blown up every few seconds.)

2. DID IT MAKE ME SMILE?  (Either because it was damn funny, or because it touched my heart in some way--which always makes me smile.)

Yes, I've seen many of the films that appeared on other critic's lists, and most of them received at least a "B" grade from me...but they didn't quite measure up to the one's below. Nevertheless, feel free to argue in favor of anything you feel passionate about, (except the hot date you had last night) as I respond to all comments. 

(Click on the title to see my full review of each film.)

11.  Tuesday,  After Christmas

10.   Cowboys & Aliens

9.  The Adjustment Bureau

8.  Crazy,  Stupid Love

7.  The Names Of  Love

6.  Horrible Bosses

5.  Circumstance

4.  Submarine

3.  The Artist

2.  My Week With Marilyn

1.  Young Adult

Honorable mention: Hugo, I Am Number Four, Cedar Rapids, The Ides of March, The Lincoln Lawyer, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Midnight In Paris, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.


  1. Okay, I am probably the only visitor to this website that has not seen ANY of the movies on your top 11 list for 2011, although many of them are on my reserve list at the library. I rely on Timmy's Noodle to provide me with the poop and perfume among the movie selections, and then I choose accordingly (OK, maybe not all the time, but you're often in line with my movie likes, although Cowboys and Aliens I may have a problem with. Thanks for the review...I'm always a year behind, it seems. What happened to the "cheap" theaters, anyway! $8-10 for a movie is more than I care to contribute to the salaries of overpaid celebrities and movie executives. But this is not a platform for ranting about overpriced movie ticket thanks for the reviews from this disgruntled dame in Delaware!!

  2. Thanks for the input. DISGRUNTLED DAME IN DELAWARE...that would be a great name for a blog!

    Most theatres are relatively cheap if you hit them on the right days and times. Matinees are typically about half the evening prices. Check with each individual theatre, because pricing policies vary. The reason they can get away with charging so much for the evening shows is because of all the GUYS TAKING THEIR DATES to the movies. What guy is going to say to his girlfriend that the admission prices are too high when she really wants to see a particular film? (Even though he may be eating nothing but Top Ramen noodle soup for the rest of the week!)

    POOP AND there's another great blog title!

  3. LOL. I haven't seen any of these either. Some, I've never even heard of, although I do want to see 'The Artist.'