Monday, March 8, 2010


On the Oscar presentations:

George Clooney looked like the most humorless man in America Sunday night in an Academy Awards show that had an overall lackluster and dispirited feel to it. The camera repeatedly focused on Clooney sitting in the audience, as co-host Alec Baldwin mocked the actor's sourpuss expression. Baldwin seemed to be goofing on Clooney's film, The Men Who Stare At Goats, but Clooney appeared to be seriously pissed. George could have easily diffused the awkwardness if he'd given just one smile or made a silly face, but he preferred to look like a jerk. Hey George, could knowing that Jeff Bridges was going to win the Oscar be THAT much of a downer for someone who otherwise has everything?

Then there was the perennial lowlight of the broadcast, (for me) and that's when the actors are being interviewed beforehand and are asked, 'WHO are you wearing?" The women (and some of the men) rattle off some French or Italian designer's name that most viewers don't know from Pepe le Pew! Great way to connect with the average Joe and all those people out there who don't even have a JOB!

"Uh, WHO are you wearing, DAHLING?"
"Oh, I'm wearing TIGER WOODS...doesn't he look MAHVELOUS draped all over me?"

The highlight of the show, of course, was Jeff Bridges' joyous acceptance speech for his well deserved Best Actor Oscar.


  1. Totally agreed on just about everything. I so dislike the line "Who are you wearing?" and I was thrilled for Jeff Bridges. I quite enjoyed Sandra Bullock's speech too. Baldwin and Martin were not nearly as amusing as I hoped they'd be.

  2. HI, HILARY!
    Reassuring to know that you were watching the same show I was. Some people weren't, but thought they were!

  3. I was so thrilled to hear that Jeff won. I think he's an amazing actor. I also agree that George was acting like a knob. I wasn't sure if his sourpuss act was apart of the show or not, but given from what I've heard thus far, I don't think it was.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Appreciate your comment. Welcome to the Good Ship Lollipop!

  5. I decided that I'd rather spend my time seeing the movies than watching the performers commend themselves so I gave the Oscars a pass this time. I plan to see Crazy Heart later this week. Having seen both Avatar and Hurt Locker, I'm glad that Hurt Locker won.

  6. ARLENE,
    I always feel it's a little dubious when any group is heaping praise upon ITSELF, rather than receiving it from some relatively unbiased, objective source! LOL

  7. I think rather than ask the celebs WHO they are wearing, in some cases it might be more appropriate to ask WHAT the hell are you wearing?

    I didn't catch the Oscars this year but it seems I didn't miss much.