Wednesday, February 3, 2010



THE HURT LOCKER...Another movie about stuff getting blown up. How original.

AVATAR...Or you could just go and see the Blue Man Group.

PRECIOUS...Gritty, like when you bite into some dirt when you're chewing your spinach.

A SERIOUS MAN...Don't take it too seriously.

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS...Hey, if they can't even spell the two words in the title correctly, how intelligent can it be?

UP...The only cartoons I liked were Mister Magoo and Daffy Duck.

DISTRICT 9...Crustacean-like aliens addicted to cat food. Deep.

AN EDUCATION...I got my education behind the barn.

UP IN THE AIR...More down to earth than you might expect.

THE BLIND SIDE...I'm still peeved with Sandra Bullock for promoting her "nude" scene in The Proposal, when all you could see were knock-knees and strategically placed arms and hands.


What WILL WIN: Something else.


  1. Love it, short and sweet. Due to being snowed in and planning in advance and stocking up on's what I've seen in the last week:

    500 Days of Summer (made me wish for a Russian winter to put me out of my misery) D-

    No Country for Old Men--just enough Woody Harrelson, a smidgen; just enough Tommy Lee Jones (him and me in a clawfoot tub smokin' something is a fantasy of mine); believable performance by an Scottish girl playing Texas trailer park wife (Kelly McDonald) and most scary performance by a man in daylight (Javier Bardem) A

    The Proposal (thanks for recommending it--plain and simple fun) B

    The Hangover (made me wish I had one and passed out) D

    Taking Woodstock (I'd rather have been covered in mud at the real Woodstock than be forced to watch this movie again) D-

    Days and Clouds (I shouldn't try watching subtitled movies while doing something else, so I had to keep rewinding) B-

    on deck for this weekend, since we have another foot of snow predicted:

    Zombieland, Gone Baby Gone, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The Grocer's Son

  2. I think you have a better chance of being right at this than the weather man at prediction sun or clouds tomorrow!

    I got to comment there is a way!

  3. Wow! We differ a little on some of these. 500 Days of Summer--I gave it a B, based mainly on the ending, which saved it somewhat.

    Taking Woodstock was in my top 10 favorite films of 2009 (what were each of us ingesting at the time?)

    We concur on The Proposal, of course!

    All of the above are reviewed here.

    I have yet to see The Hangover, though it got generally stellar reviews elsewhere.

    Days and Clouds I'm going to check out, since you thought it was okay.

    Let me know what you think
    about the ones you're watching this weekend--especially ZOMBIELAND, my favorite movie of 2009!


  4. ANNIE,
    So glad you figured that out !

  5. I want to see 500 Days of Summer! It looks glorious! I saw Leap Year last week and loved it! Now I want to go back to Ireland!

  6. Hi, PEORIA,
    A friend of mine likes Leap Year too, that makes two (most critics trashed it). Now I really must see it! Let me know what you think of 500 Days of Summer.

  7. Your post is a noble effort, and yet, Sir, I must presume that the term "Timothy's Noodle" refers to a serious and unfortunate medical condition.

    My Sympathies.


    Percy Bisque Silley (Knighted)

  8. I watched Precious because I saw your review about it (okay movie) and I was surprised that District 9 was a fairly good movie despite the shrimps eating cat food.

  9. Like your commentary with the titles!
    It's all a big show...

  10. Hi Tim :)
    Just saying hi and missing you!
    Hugs :)

  11. MR. SILLEY,
    Aw, go on with yur purty talk!

    The cat food--that was one of my favorite parts!

    What is funny about the Academy Awards--and any awards show really--is that it's a bunch of people getting together to congratulate themselves!

    Big bear hug back!